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Jill Smith

Energy Healing



I hold a Master certification in Intuition Medicine (MIM) from the Academy of Intuition Medicine® (Sausalito, CA). Intuition Medicine® is the practice of intuitive reading skills, energetic healing techniques, and spiritual consultation.


My work focuses on reading and clearing energetic blocks to promote inner restoration and peace. Many of us carry residual energies from past relationships and traumas that keep us stuck and from reaching our full potential. Identifying and releasing such energies can provide clarity into our spiritual contracts with the self and others. This relational awareness can engender our innate ability to tap into our intuition, align with our truth, and set our true intentions into motion.

I have helped my clients to clear their past relationships, provide guidance on how we energetically relate to others, connect our spirit back into the body after experiencing various types of trauma, and support plant medicine integration. I look forward to holding space for you to connect more deeply with your heart, true motivation, and positive emotions to become more grounded to this earth.

Yung Pueblo

"Be prepared to meet a new version of yourself every time you shed another layer of old trauma/conditioning/hurt. As you let go, your likes, dislikes, perspectives and interests will shift. Transformation is natural as you travel the road to greater self-awareness, happiness and peace.



Natasha K.





Jill is a gifted intuitive healer. I came to see her at the time of great vulnerability, with health problems that Western medicine was challenged to explain and treat. Being a health practitioner myself I have been seeing a growing number of patients with similar stories. Their symptoms interfere with their activities of daily living. When they see a medical professional often there is no clear understanding or effective treatment plan. Now I became that patient. I was even admitted to the hospital, and still no diagnosis or treatment plan. That’s when I made an appointment with Jill. Honestly, I did not expect a quick relief of my suffering, and yet just after one healing session I started feeling much better, which allowed me to continue functioning at my comfortable level, both professionally and personally. I highly recommend Jill’s services.


Adrienn B.

Jill is very talented and one of the most kind-hearted healers I have ever worked with. I have had several healing sessions from her. I always felt seen and heard. She helped me with resolving some family issues, emotional blockages, and even preparing me for an important interview. Somehow, she always perfectly understands what I'm going through at any given time. She explains her method and techniques crystal clear during the sessions and with that she can provide great comfort.


Tina G.





Before I met Jill, I didn’t realize energy work was such a huge factor for day-to-day balance & wellness. It’s so important to keep the energy moving and flowing, to stay grounded and in our bodies. Jill has patiently and wholeheartedly taught me how to do so with clear guidance and powerful visualizations. I consistently feel heard and protected by Jill. I can be myself, and that’s the greatest gift anyone can give! Words can't capture the love & support I’ve experienced through working with her!


Jenna P.



Jill is a gentle, loving, passionate soul. Her energy work is gentle and soothing. Each session honed in on a specific healing journey I was engaged with at the time. One journey in particular was incredibly powerful. This session was pivotal for my own healing and one of my fondest memories of my healing journey. Jill’s concern for my well-being and helping my Spirit heal itself made me feel confident and secure in her work. She is so talented, senses so much, and is so uplifting and compassionate. I have full confidence in her integrity as a healer. I have worked with several healers and Jill’s time and attention is unprecedented. I highly recommend Jill! 


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